Why An African History Month

Why, An African History Month?

The motherland's histories are complex with over 2000 cultures, constituting, different languages, traditions and customs and they all have their own stories to tell. It would be mutually beneficial to have our history to be accessible in one historical umbrella. Each month would address a different topic. This will plant the seeds of knowledge to be harvest for the future generations. Most importantly, "African History Month" would serve as a catalyst to correct the gross misconceptions, omission and distortions of it's history.of African people globally.

The word African specifically relates to the indigenous people of the African continent and their descents in the Diaspora ( Caribbean , Americas , Arabia , etc). The race-nationality model such as that currently employed by African-American, African-Brazilian and African-Caribbean communities more accurately describes the identity whilst fully articulating the history and geopolitical reality

The miscellaneous usage of the label 'Black' within this site reflects its contemporary use as a means to denote a specific
sociocultural and political context. It is recognized as a colloquial term that was fashioned as a reactionary concept to derogatory racial epithets in the 1960's. It is offensive when used as a racial classification code word to denote African people. Other such denigrating terminology when made in reference to African culture, heritage or identity are 'Tribe', 'Sub-Saharan Africa', or 'black Africa '.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New York Maafa (slave) Rebellion of 1712

In the early 1700s, New York had one of the largest enslaved populations of any of England’s invaded territories. One out of every five New York residents was enslaved. The Maafa (slavery) in New York differed from some of the other territories because there were no large plantations. Many enslaved Africans were skilled workers, carpenters, stone masons, fishermen, and boat builders. These Atlantians (enslaved Blacks) lived and worked next to free and indentured whytes and some intermarried when they got their freedom.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Little Africa

Africa need to work together to get its rightful place in the world involving pertinent bodies including the private sector. Thus, Tana Forum would serve as an instrument to achieve set goals. Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said that Africans should come up with African solutions to problems through collecting and analyzing knowledge as well as strengthening local institutions.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

The father of European domination

1. Columbus Day was established by an ivy, male-only Catholic organization known as the Knights of Columbus. They wanted a male Catholic role model they could look up to, so they pressured President F.D. Roosevelt into making it a federal holiday in 1937.2. Columbus never set foot on the land that would become the United States of America. In fact, he never saw it.3. His four voyages took him to the Caribbean, “a small detour to Central America and a hop to the northeast coast of Venezuela.” He had no idea the continent of North America existed. He thought he had found China, Japan and the region of King Solomon’s fabled gold mines.

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