Why An African History Month

Why, An African History Month?

The motherland's histories are complex with over 2000 cultures, constituting, different languages, traditions and customs and they all have their own stories to tell. It would be mutually beneficial to have our history to be accessible in one historical umbrella. Each month would address a different topic. This will plant the seeds of knowledge to be harvest for the future generations. Most importantly, "African History Month" would serve as a catalyst to correct the gross misconceptions, omission and distortions of it's history.of African people globally.

The word African specifically relates to the indigenous people of the African continent and their descents in the Diaspora ( Caribbean , Americas , Arabia , etc). The race-nationality model such as that currently employed by African-American, African-Brazilian and African-Caribbean communities more accurately describes the identity whilst fully articulating the history and geopolitical reality

The miscellaneous usage of the label 'Black' within this site reflects its contemporary use as a means to denote a specific
sociocultural and political context. It is recognized as a colloquial term that was fashioned as a reactionary concept to derogatory racial epithets in the 1960's. It is offensive when used as a racial classification code word to denote African people. Other such denigrating terminology when made in reference to African culture, heritage or identity are 'Tribe', 'Sub-Saharan Africa', or 'black Africa '.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


THE Ediod United Nations, the Indigenous People of the Edoid Race of Africa that has suffered the conspiracy of bad Neighbors through the imposition of alien creeds want to appreciate and congratulate the workers of the world that build the various civilizations, that built the Benin MOAT "A HAPPY WORKERS DAY"

I'm little disturbed that in the defunct Nigeria, the Democratic elected President who is still in office till may 29th 2015 was absent from the rally in Abuja Nigeria. this is a little complicated because there are 2 major Centres in the Country.in Kano,Delta and Lagos, The various centers had their rallies peacefully. the 2 heads of state maintained a long distance.this is solely for peace.the factions in the labor dispute is a betrayal to the working class people.true leaders this time need to identify with the toiling masses, not swindler.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finding the Forgotten

I went away, I leave and I come back home. I come back to stay. I must see my way —Andre Tanker It’s not taboo to go back to what you’ve forgotten —Akan proverb If you’re tempted to do a Dry Season clean-out and burn that “old rubbish”—documents, family snaps, old newspaper clippings, tantie’s hat, tonton’s ping pong and granpappi’s washikong—think twice and before you bun dong your own and your neighbour’s house consigning more of our collective and your own personal past to the flames of forgetting, introduce yourself and that pile from the past to the Caribbean Memory Project (CMP).

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Grim History Traced in Sunken Slave Ship Found Off South Africa

WASHINGTON — On Dec. 3, 1794, a Portuguese slave ship left Mozambique, on the east coast of Africa, for what was to be a 7,000-mile voyage to Maranhão, Brazil, and the sugar plantations that awaited its cargo of black men and women. Shackled in the ship’s hold were between 400 and 500 slaves, pressed flesh to flesh with their backs on the floor. With the exception of daily breaks to exercise, the slaves were to spend the bulk of the estimated four-month journey from the Indian Ocean across the vast South Atlantic in the dark of the hold.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Drumming, the Backbone Of African & Reggae Music

n history, drumming and the use of percussive instruments have had a significant role in people’s lives. Not only do the people who play these instruments enjoy them, but it is said that "there is as much pleasure participating in, as listening to and admiring an expert drummer’s improvisations". The use of drums has been recognized as being able to put people into spiritual trances throughout history. The drum is a musical instrument with great power and presence that gives the "pulse" or backbone to the music it is incorporated with..

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scientists: Oldest stone tools found in Kenya

(CNN)Archaeologists have made a discovery that may mean our school textbooks have to be rewritten.

According to a paper published by the science journal Nature, the oldest stone tools made by our human ancestors have been discovered in northwestern Kenya and they date back 3.3 million years -- about 700,000 years before the oldest tools previously unearthed.

"We have extended the archaeological record by almost a third," Jason Lewis, the co-author of the paper, told CNN. "That's like finding cell phones back in the early 1900s."

Previous evidence found in Ethiopia suggested that the oldest stone tools of the genus Homo, to which modern-day humans belong, dated back 2.6 million years.

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